About us

“Knock Knock, who’s there? Everest PR. Everest PR who? Here to help you make the journey to the top. Oh! Come in”

What do we climb?

“We are here to climb the peak with you – you set the peak and we carve out a strategy to reach there, possible to transcend it.” 

Nobody climbed Everest in a day, looking for quick results will only disappoint you. When it comes to your brand, you need to be patient to build on it, and make the most of it when the business weather allows you. Sometimes, the economy will resist, we will help you move forward even during those times.

“They say, don’t be emotional when it comes to business, but you cannot ever reach out to people until you understand what drives them, and to understand that, you need to understand emotion. Reputation, perception, leadership, brand and image – are all words which are founded on emotions from centuries. The attempt to climb something, to overcome it, is in itself an emotional act. We’re here for the long haul.” 

More on tools for the climb

Everest PR offers a 360 degree approach to PR, media and communications solutions. We understand that since there are several stakeholders in a brand, all the stakeholders need to be considered while generating a positive media image for the brand. In a multi faceted and rapidly shifting business ecosystem, we ensure that your brand gets the eyeballs it deserves and makes it to the headlines. 

As a PR company we focus on brand image because we understand that image drives perception. Perception eventually creates acceptance or rejection for your brand/ product. Our time strives hard to research your brand philosophy, competitor brands and industry trends to take the extra mile of effort and craft an effective strategy.

While working with us, you will realise that we have strategy based solutions for all your needs. 

“Let’s get started! We have an interesting journey to make.”