Films & Entertainment

It is extremely crucial to engage the audience artfully in the promotion of a film in the absence of the required stars. We deem ourselves adept at overseeing such hitches and handling large scale commercial events to cater to the general consumption needs and putting your band out there with our carefully curated creative strategies. Every project is given its required attention and strategies for each are tailor made exclusively to ensure that no project that you trust us with goes short of being a blockbuster. 


Be it a short film, offbeat or mainstream cinema, we have unique strategies to ensure that each film reaches the desired audience and gets maximum eyeballs. Reviews, media critics, cinema blogs and other features of the film are done artfully in the media to ensure that public interest is generated and there is a buzz around the film. We relate the movie to recent trends in the media, economy, world, film industry and generate articles on how the movie is a trendsetter. This generates further interest and targets a greater niche than imagined. 


There are several books flooding the markets today, so much so, that many fail to even make it to bookshelves in stores. It is essential to make your book stand out from the rest. We help you to promote the book via relevant mediums and to appropriate target audiences, thereby increasing the chances of it getting picked up by readers. Reviews, features on influencer blogs, relevant social media pages and other strategies are important to promote the book. Our team has also carved marketing campaigns for books in the past which involved the creation of a Spotify playlist to read the book to. During times of such creative and out of box campaigning, it is important to be more strategic and engage the audience via mediums beyond the book and the written word.