Social Media

“There is so much noise in the field of social media, where the engagement rates are lower – It is much harder to reach out to new audiences, everyone who sees your content seems to already like the brand and agree with the philosophy. We help you break free from that noise and find a spot with your target audience where they spend time engaging with your brand and get interested.” 

Social Media is a dynamic field that changes its pattern according to the demographic consumption where the key to stay on the top of the game is to engage the public effectively. Our PR agency identifies trends and ensures it designs our clients campaigns in such a manner that they garner the needed public attention. 


Our dedicated team of social media consultants devise campaigns understanding the impact of media on a brand be it online or offline. Our target is to utilise all the platforms effectively to make sure your intended brand name is out there grabbing all the eyeballs. 

Social media promotion is considered a success when the posts created grab eyeballs and they come back to them again and again, our PR agency guarantees that. 

We also ensure that you collaborate with some of the leading influencers in the market which promote your product or brand effectively. With the rise of influencers, bloggers, writers and journalists, we ensure that your brand ties up with suitable industry leaders which creates measurable results. 

Social Media for Business

Building an attractive profile for a business is an art and our team at Everest PR excels at this task. It is always advisable that a business’s social media be handled by a skilled PR agency rather than internally. Our dedicated team of social media consultants have an effective top-notch strategy of carefully planning engaging campaigns for the public after a careful study of the goals, philosophies and missions of the client they serve. The experience also makes a difference as we have a versatile clientele of real estate, education, travel, etc, all targeted at a variety of different niches.