Travel PR

Want to create a jaw dropping campaign which makes your target audience pack their bags instantly and get going on the way to your property? Everest PR has all the solutions for you. 

Everest PR has made a noteworthy mark on the arena of travel PR and ensuring that  our client achieves an edge at this ever growing market with many major players. This includes Travel for both high end 5-star clients, boutique properties, travel agencies and the new emerging players.

Luxury PR Travels 

We have premium tie ups with the online and  offline luxury companies to increase their media visibility. . Be suitable placing into visibility their offers and selling points we have achieved a significant elbow room in this ever growing market. Our team has previously worked with several Indian and International brands for their PR including Novotel Group, Mars World Group, Fairmont chains, W properties among various others. Luxury properties include targeting a specific niche, we position our clients in the right media which fits into their target audience appropriately. 

Online Travel Pr Agencies

With the tourism industries beaming and the ever growing need for people to let off some steam with trip plans – we have witnessed the mushrooming of many travel agencies. To make it big in this arena the agencies are always on a look out for that one agency that will give them an edge over others. Our PR consultants identify trends and help every client of ours with their significant niche. 

Hotel bookings 

Figuring out the right hotel can be a daunting task when planning a trip. Our agency with their strategy of filtering drives the media interest by filtering the hotel according to their USPs. These can include the accommodation being offered in  , the services being offered, the prices amongst all others. In addition to this building goodwill by initiating review columns which builds a brand’s credibility in the market.