Doctors, healthcare specialists and practitioners

As a leading PR agency in India, we position doctors, healthcare specialists and practitioners as thought leaders in their industry. This helps them garner a long term reputation in an industry which is not very media friendly, there by helping them to navigate out of the crowd and create a reputed image of their own. 


We work with the media to keep them updated about innovations, breakthroughs in medicines, technologies and practices. We ensure that the leading innovations made by your firm create headlines in the newspaper and garner the attention that it deserves. We ensure that all your key achievements get press coverage. 


With the rise of CSR in the healthcare sector, we ensure that people in leadership positions get featured on panels about several social issues. We also foster a positive CSR image for the firm by formulating ideas for CSR activities and sponsorships which get media attention. This promotes a socially aware image of the brand which draws empathy from the public eye.